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Why should I visit Romania?

A country where you can find cities and old places that are 2000 years old and thermal waters known for 2000 years, wheels of potter that spin for 2000 years; sun and snow, alpine crests, high quality wine, but the architectural monuments, road house and tourist stops on the roads' sides, stations for the health people as Felix and Băile Herculane, Călimănești Căciulata, Sovata, Slănic Moldova and others, all waiting to be visited by you. For all but and for other many beauties as Dracula for example you need a "GUIDE" who knows to drive you and show you the mysteries.

What kind of tourism do we make?

Business travel, leisure tourism, domestic tourism, international tourism, travel on your own, semi-organized tourism, tourism continuous (permanent), tourism pedestrian, railway tourism and others. Customize it according to your liking!


Travel guide — personalize all with tourists
Tourism agent traveler — we don't copy from others, all is fresh collected by us
Travel consultant (tourism design) — reinvent everything
Call Center — non stop service for tourists
Assistant in business — all you need as your business to work in my country
Administrator and driver — for your business

Other Services

Transfer/Tour in Bucharest and all around Romania
Airport Transfers
Accommodations Travel & Leisure
Bucharest tour
Romania tour
(For business persons we can offer/assured services of assistant personal, call center and secretarial services)

Personalized Tours

I am not a tour company. I take people on a personalized tour. My tours have nothing to do with the offered tours by cruise lines or tour companies which use coaches carrying 50 persons, driving them only on main highways and viewing most of the sites from the windows. If something attracts your attention we will stop for a closer look.
Romania has seaside, mountains but the oldest place too so you will have what to see.
My tours are private and more flexible. We can stop easily in a parking and you can start to explore, take pictures and/or go to eat. You can find all kind of restaurants with different styles of food or you can go and eat traditionally Romanian food.
Accommodation: In hotels of different stars, which maintain the traditional style combining peace with luxury and cleanliness, with tuning views, in well chosen locations in the big cities or small town or in the beautiful mountains or seaside stations.
Please view my website for more details and write us for questions if you have or to schedule with us your future trip (vacation, business or both).

The Choice for Singles Traveling Worldwide

If you don't like to choose an agency or you didn't find an agency what like you and you want high qualities then choose us.
Looking for someone to travel with you? Do you have dreams of exploring far away places, but having trouble finding friends or family with whom to share the experience? Or you don't know English language. Singles Travel International has mastered the art of the single traveler by bringing singles together so they don't have to be alone on vacation anymore and to make for u a dream vacation! Go to our website now to find out more about us and you'll see just why to choose us.
Vacation With Us! - You'll Love Being Single! - Change Your Life Today!
We can be for our clients guide and interpreter in the trips where they will want to go from now on.
When you travel with Singles Travel International, you're with the best. Our high quality services will be the best and attract fun-loving individuals persons who love to travel and have all comfortable things.
We are involved with our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while on tour, offering get-togethers, tour options, parties, events, and of course, dining together so that nobody is alone unless they choose to be.

Help Plan Your Dream Wedding

Have you ever wanted to get married on a dream island?
Have you ever wanted to make your special day truly unforgettable?
Do you want to choose the kind of location famous throughout the world as a haven for lovers?
Did you think the paperwork might be too much trouble?
Were you worried that the marriage license would be invalid back home?
Did you think it was a nice idea but too much effort?
Would you like to enjoy the kind of views as shown here, and on the following pages, while you make your vows?
Then we are here to help you the most beautiful places and locations.

Find the Next Place to Call Home

Do you want to find the house of your dream? Then contact us and may be we can help you.
We will run for you to find what you need.

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